Bhagavadgita Commentaries

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Commentaries on the Sacred Bhagavadgita

Find here multiple commentaries in English on the sacred text of the Bhagavadgita with text and translation of the original verses.

Bhagavadgita by S.Radhakrishnan by RADHAKRISHNAN

With an Introductory Essay Sanskrit Text English Translation and Notes. Dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. Radhakrishnan in his own words, "There are many points in the detailed interpretations of the Gita where there are differences among scholars. I have not done more than call attention to them in the Notes as the book is intended for the general reader who wishes to enlarge his spiritual environment rather than for the specialist."

Srimad Bhagavadgita Rahasya by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Containing the complete text, translation and commentary on each verse of the Bhagavadgita. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2019. This book is an extract from a larger work in two volumes, and contains the complete text, translation, and commentary on the Bhagwat Gita by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. The larger work, apart from containing this present book, gives a clear exposition of the various schools of thought and concepts of Hindu philosophy. This work, originally in Marathi, was written by the Lokmanya while he was serving a prison sentence in 1915; it was then translated into English by Mr B. S. Sukthankar in 1934.

The Bhagavadgita According to Madhavacharya's Bhashyas

Translation and Commentaries in English. The book now offered to the public is not directly a trarnslation of the Acharya’s works; but it closely follows the lex; and Sri Kaghavendni Swami’s excellent exposition, which condenses the information of both the Bhashya and the Tatparya. So when a connected view is gained with the help of he present work, the study of the advanced discussions in the Bhashya and the Tatparya may be pursued with ease and interest.

The Bhagavadgita-Gita with the Commentary of Sri Shankaracharya

Translated into English by A. Mahadeva Sastri, 2nd Edition, Revised and Improved with Additional Notes, Mysore 1901. Mahadeva Sastri in his own words, "I have throughout attempted a literal translation of the Bhashya, the text of the Bhagavad-Gita being also literally translated in the light of the Bhashya. The Bhashya has been translated in full except where a literal translation of the Bhashya of a whole verse or even of a considerable part of it would be a mere repetition of the translation of the corresponding portion of the text of the Gita ; in which case I have either altogether omitted the Bhashya or translated only those portions which rather explain the meaning of the text than merely show in what order the words in the text should be construed or merely give their synonymous equivalents."

BHAGAVAD GITA The Song of the Master by Charles Johnston

Translated with an introduction and commentary by Charles Johnston, Published by Flushing New York, 1908. This great doctrine, thus handed down from Master to disciple, forms the living heart of the Eastern wisdom, and, as a tribute to that wisdom, this rendering of the Bhagavad Gita is made. With introduction to each chapter.

Sri Bhagavadgita, Shakara Bhashya Tattva Bodhini by Bulusu Appanna Sastri

A very detailed translation into Telugu of Shankarachrya's Original Bhashya, with an introduction and detailed explanation of the essential philosophy of the scripture and Shanakra's unique perspective.

Srimad Bhagavadgita by Bhaktivedänta Narayana Gosvämé Maharaja

With the Bhävänuväda of Çréla Viçvanätha Cakravarté Öhäkura’s Sārā ī-tīkā and the Sārā ī Prakāśikā-vr. tti (the commentary which illuminates the Särärtha-varñiëi-öékä and which includes excerpts from Çréla Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura’s Rasika-rañjana Commentary). The preface reads, "This edition of Çrémad Bhagavad-gétä is a translation of the Hindi edition presented by of our most beloved Çréla Gurudeva, nityalélä-praviñöa oà viñëupäda añöottara-çata Çré Çrémad Bhaktivedänta Näräyaëa Gosvämé Mahäräja. It contains a translation of the Särärthavarñiëé-téka (commentary that is a shower of essential meanings), which was composed by the eminent Gauòéya Vaiñëava äcärya Çréla Viçvanätha Cakravarté Öhäkura. That commentary is further elucidated by Çré Çrémad Bhaktivedänta Näräyaëa Gosvämé Mahäräja in his own purport, the Särärtha-varñiëé Prakäçikä-våtti (that which illuminates Särärtha-varñiëé).

Srimadbhagavadgita with Sarvatobhadra of Rajanaka Ramakantha

Edited by T.R. Chintamani. The Foreward says, "The Sanskrit Department of the University of Madras is hereby presenting the Kashmira Recension of Srimad Bhagavad Gita with scholarly commenary, called the Savravatobhadra by Ramakantha as No.14 of the Madras University Sanskrit Seres. General Editor: C.Kunhan Raja. Published by University of Madras, 1941." According to the Preface, this edition is based on five manuscripts. One belongs to the India Office, London. The others belong to the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Poona.

The Bhagavadgita , The Song of the Divine One, the Lord by Tukaram Tatya

Text and Translation with Copius Annotations. Printed for Bombay Theosophical Publication Fund by Rajaram Tukaram, 1920. According to the Preface, "This commentary is also considered by some Sanskrit Pandits as a very valuable work than , gome commentaries written in the Sanskrit lan^ua^c^ We have therefore followed it in translating the Gita ia English language, with the view to make its meaning very clear to its renders and put before them the cor- rect Interpretations ol the original text which we arc very sorry to say arc wrongly rendered in certain verses in many edition we came across."

The Bhagavadgita With Sanatsujatiya And Anugita by Kashinath Trimbak Telang

This forms part of the Sacred Books of the East in 50 volumes, Translated by various oriental scholars and edited by F. Max Mueller. This is Vol VIII. First published by the Oxford University Press 1882, Reprinted by Motilal Banarasidas, 1965, 1970 and 1975. With a foreward note by S.Radhakrishnan. Contains the English Translations of the Bhagavadgita, Sanatsugatiya and Anugita. Sri Telang writes, "My aim has been to make that translation as close and literal a rendering as possible of the Gita, as interpreted by the commentators .Shankaracharya, .Sridhara Swami, and Madhusudana Sarasvati. Reference has also been frequently made to the commentary of Ramanujacharya, and also to that of Nilakantha, which latter forms part of the author’s general commentary on the Mahabharata."

The Gita With Text, Edited by Anilbaran Roy

Translation and Notes Compiled from Sri Aurobindo’s Essays on the Gita. Published by George Allen & Unwin Ltd. London. Printed in India by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, Pondicherry. The book is incomplete and this edition is available online only in parts.

The Song of the Lord Bhagavadgita Translation by Edward J. Thomas

With introduction and notes, published by John Murray, London. First edition 1931. Reprint 1948. The Wisdom of the East Series. Edited by J.L. Cranmer-Bync. The object of the editor of this series is a very definite one. He desires above all things that, tn their humble way, these books shall be the ambassadors of good-will and understanding between East and West, the old world of Thought, and the new of Action. He is confident that a deeper knowledge of the great ideals and lofty philosophy of Oriental thought may help to a revival of that true spirit of Charity which neither despises nor fears the nations of another creed and colour.

Bhagavadgita Complete Translation

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Essays on the Bhagavadgita

A comprehensive analysis of Bhagavadgita Wisdom and philosophy

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yadā yadā hi dharmasya glānir bhavati bhārata
abhyutthānam adharmasya tadātmānaṃ sṛjāmy aham

"O Bharata, whenever there is a decline of virute
and ascendanceof evil, then I surely manifest Myself .

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