The Bhagavadgita - Chapter 2, Verse 3

śrībhagavān uvāca: kutas tvā kaśmalam idaṃ viṣame samupasthitam
anāryajuṣṭam asvargyam akīrtikaram arjuna

Annie Besant

The Blessed Lord said: Whence hath this dejection befallen thee in this perilous strait, ignoble, heaven-closing ,infamous, O Arjuna ?

Jayaram V

The Supreme Lord said, " From where did these impure thoughts came to you at this critical juncture, thoughts of a disrespectful man, that cause infamy and disqualify one from heavenly life?

Swami Sivananda

The Blessed Lord said: Whence is this perilous strait come upon thee, this dejection which is unworthy of thee, disgraceful, and which will close the gates of heaven upon thee, O Arjuna?

Adi Shankaracharya

The Lord said: Whence in (this) perilous strait has come upon thee this weakness cherished by the ojxwoirthy. debarring from heaven and causing disgrace,O Arjuna ?

Swami Swarupananda

The Blessed Lord said: In such a crisis, whence comes upon thee, O Arjuna, this dejection, un-Aryalike, disgraceful and contrary to the attainment of heaven?

Shri Purohit Swami

The Lord said: My beloved friend! Why yield, just on the eve of battle, to this weakness which does no credit to those who call themselves Aryans, and only brings them infamy and bars against them the gates of heaven?"

American/International Gita Society

Lord Krishna said: How has the dejection come to you at this juncture? This is not fit for a person of noble mind and deeds. It is disgraceful, and it does not lead one to heaven, O Arjuna.

Edwin Arnold

Krishna. How hath this weakness taken thee? Whence springs The inglorious trouble, shameful to the brave, Barring the path of virtue? Nay, Arjun! Forbid thyself to feebleness! it mars Thy warrior-name! cast off the coward-fit! Wake! Be thyself! Arise, Scourge of thy Foes!

Kisari Mohan Ganguli

The Holy One said,"Whence, O Arjuna, hath come upon thee, at such a crisis, this despondency that is unbecoming a person of noble birth, that shuts one out from heaven, and that is productive of infamy?"

Kashinath Trimbak Telang

The Deity said: "How (comes it that) this delusion, O Arguna! which is discarded by the good, which excludes from heaven, and occasions infamy, has overtaken you in this (place of) peril?"

Grahman Sceweig

The Beloved Lord said: From where does your weakness come at this time o f crisis? It is not befitting the noble-minded, nor does it lead to celestial realms— it causes disgrace, O Arjuna

Vladimir Antonov

Whence has come over you, in this crucial moment, such shameful, unbecoming to an Aryan despair, which blocks the gate to paradise, O Arjuna?


Lord Krishna initiated the dialogue by making an appeal to the warrior's pride of Arjuna.

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